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Prevent Windows Upgrade Errors

During my many years of computer repairs and services for home and businesses. I will always advise on creating a secure password. Recently I have had the pleasure of servicing many computers without a password. The most common recently is Windows 10 upgrades.

This had caused the computers to all of a sudden not grant access to files, other computer processes and resources. Denying access to saving files, accessing their emails and running everyday applications they needed to use. Even the start menu would not work as well as many other services and functionality.

Before Upgrading Windows

CBIT Computers Campbelltown believe that prevention is better than cure. Before upgrading Windows it is advised to make sure your main administrator account has a password. Once you upgrade if these errors occur it can be difficult to create a password without some advanced computer knowledge.

You may not even know this is causing the problem. It is always advised to backup all your important data if possible before upgrading your computer.

Benefits Of A Computer Password

Many people know the benefits of a computer user account password. They stop other people accessing your data, changing settings and customisations you have setup. I advise everyone to setup and have their own unique password. This will protect your account from unauthorised access and use.

No password is 100% impenetrable. It will make it a lot harder for other people to access and use your computer change things and steal your valuable data. You can check out this CBIT Computers article on recommended password creation.

Need Computer Help or Repairs?

If you need help with your computer. Maybe not sure what is going on or how to fix it. Then please contact CBIT Computers. We will come straight your location home or business. Trained computer technicians helping people in Campbelltown, Bankstown, Camden, Liverpool and Picton areas of NSW. Providing you with onsite computer repairs and services around Sydney.

We Offer a no solution no fee policy. 30 days computer repair work guarantee. Visit our services page or contact us to find out more. You’re in good hands with CBIT Computers.