What is the Task Manager?

Demonstrated with Windows 8.1

The “Task Manager” is a robust Windows-based utility included in the operating system, showing you what programs are currently running on your computer system. Also giving some function over the running tasks. Showing services and processes that are running in the background that work with the operating system.

Task Manager can be used to terminate any running program, helpful if a program freezes and will not shutdown. Furthermore you can check how much programs are using on your computer’s hardware resources. Also programs and services that start when your PC starts.

Running Task Manager

There are a few ways to open the Task Manager. Probably the the easiest way: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. Holding together at the same time. CTRL+ALT+DEL, will open another screen, choose Task Manager. A universal approach is to right-click or tap on an empty spot on the task bar usually located at the bottom of the screen. Choose Task Manager in the menu that pops up (Windows 10, 8, & XP) or Start Task Manager (Windows 7 & Vista) from the pop-up menu.

Run command or CMD

Open the Command Prompt window also use the Run Box “WIN+R” and then type “taskmgr” then click ok. Note: In Windows XP, CTRL+ALT+DEL opens the Task Manager.

I forgot to mention if the Task Manager opens up in a small box. Then you will need to click “More Details” at the bottom left corner of the task manager to view further information.