Guide to Disk Cleanup Windows

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Welcome to Our TECH TIPS Guide to Windows Disk Cleanup
There are numerous ways to get to Disk Cleanup in Windows. This application is useful for cleaning junk and unnecessary files form your computer system.

This ensures faster response and operating time. Below are two guides, one from our YouTube channel and a step by step […]

Optimise Your Windows Hard Drives

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3 Fast Ways to Open Defragment and Optimise Drives
Hello and Welcome to our Tech Tips guide on opening plus using the Windows Defragmentation and Disk Optimisation. Below are many ways you can quickly gain access to the Defragment and Optimise Drives application built into Windows. There are two guides available to use.

You can choose […]

Windows 10, How to Uninstall Apps

How to Uninstall a Program in Windows 10 v1703
Welcome to our guide on how to uninstall programs and applications through the settings screen in one of the latest Windows 10 builds for your PC. Hope you enjoy this guide and find it useful.
Quick and Easy Video Tutorial on How to Uninstall an App.
How to […]

Malwarebytes Free for Windows PC

Malwarebytes Free Install Guide and Tech Tips

Malwarebytes Free Anti Malware Tech Support Installation Guide. The latest version used September 2017. Demonstrated on a Windows 10 PC. It can be very helpful for an already infected machine to remove those unwanted surprises from your system.

Download Malwarebytes Free September 2017:…
Tech Support plus Tips and Guides

Hello […]

Windows Vista PC Repair Camden

Windows Vista PC repair Camden NSW 2570 via our pick up and drop off service. Operating System had boot issues, Network and Internet connection problems. It was not connecting to local network computers or to the internet.

Cleaned inside the case and then repaired the boot partition. Ran Windows Vista and checked the connectivity to […]

Computer Repair Harrington Park

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Acer pick up and drop off residential computer repair. PC system full recovery needed using OEM utilities and CMD for boot repair functionality in Harrington Park NSW.