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SSD Technology Explained

What is a SSD or Solid State Drive? Like a USB drive, there are no moving parts. Information is stored in flash chips on circuit boards. A HDD or hard disk drive uses a mechanical arm.

It uses a read/write head that reads the information from a location on the storage platter. This difference is what makes SSD so much faster than a HDD.

The Benefits of SSD Storage Devices

SSDs can have up to 100 times greater performance at almost instantaneous data access. Solid State Drives use significantly less power this can increase battery life in mobile devices.

Flash-based SSDs weigh a lot less than hard drives HDDs. They are higher in price/gigabyte than HDDs.

The Future for SSD Storage

In the long term SSDs offer cost savings for businesses with lower energy usage and greater productivity. Therefore using less power means less heat output by your system. With no moving parts, SSDs run at a near silent operation.

Though more expensive than traditional hard drives. Also not as much storage space for the present time. In the future you are certain to see less cost and more storage space.

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