Custom Computer Systems Home or Business

Get a system tailor made for you.

Advice for Computer cases, CPU, Motherboard, Video Cards, Network Cards, Power Supply, to Monitor and Fan selection. Would like to know more, feel free to get in touch.

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PC parts cpu, motherboard and RAM

Gaming Computer Systems

Enjoy the power and reliability with custom gaming systems.

With countless hours over the years of gaming ourselves. We know what kind of system you need to play your favourite PC games.

Helping Choose the Right System

Choose from a wide selection of custom computers and hardware.

In addition to software, good frame rates to keep your system cool avoiding any unexpected crashes or system errors.

Custom Business Computers

Business Custom Build Computers

We have data solutions for the home or business

Maybe you need a computer great for video editing and graphics processing. The more reliable, faster it gets done the better. We understand your business needs when it comes to reliable production performance. Why wait 2 hours when you can have a computer that can perform twice as fast or even quicker for those CPU and Memory intensive task.

Space requirements can be a factor as well, maybe you have limited space for your office desktops. From hardware selection such as Case, Monitors, Hard Drive, Network Speed we can help you make the right choice for your business system build. Ensuring you have the most reliable and efficient system for the job at hand.