Does My Computer Need Cleaning?

Cleaning your computer will ensure longer life and reliability

A major part of computer care is keeping it clean. Computers and devices need constant care. Which means keeping it free of dust and other debris. Dust is a major cause of system component failure malfunctions. Dirt and dust build up inside the case this causes excessive heat and lead to static discharge.

Why Should I Care About Dust?
Dust insulates components and prevents good airflow

This can damage and / or shorten the life of components causing system performance and stability issues.

Keep Components Dirt Free
Devices may operate slow due to a CPU thermal protection feature

Dust on the blades of a cooling fan also causes friction. This creates more noise than usual preventing the fan from spinning smoothly.

Computer and Server Cleaning
Professional help cleaning your computer system and devices.

We will ensure that you keep your computer, servers or laptop running smooth, efficient and have longer component life with our Computer Cleaning Service. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may need to have your system serviced.

Symptoms of Excess Dirt and Dustlistedbelow
Excess or Strange NoiseSystem Crashes and FreezingData Loss or Corruption
Slow Response timeOptical Drives not working correctlyDamaged Components