3 Fast Ways to Open Defragment and Optimise Drives

Hello and Welcome to our Tech Tips guide on opening plus using the Windows Defragmentation and Disk Optimisation. Below are many ways you can quickly gain access to the Defragment and Optimise Drives application built into Windows. There are two guides available to use.

You can choose from a video guide from our YouTube channel or follow the instructions below.

Watch the Drive Optimisation Video Guide

Follow Our Step by Step Guide with Images

Step 1.

(a) Open the ‘start menu‘ and start to type ‘defragment‘.

(b) Select ‘defragment and optimize drives‘.

The Optimise Drives Window will show you the hard drives you can optimize on your computer.

Also, you can first analyse to see how much defragmentation has occurred before starting any lengthy process.

You can set your optimization up on a weekly schedule if you wish.

Select the Analyse option first if you wish.

Then if needed choose the optimize button. Beware this can take a fair amount of time to complete.

Other ways to optimise are to go to the file explorer icon on the taskbar.

Then go to the pc icon on the left of the explorer window.

You will need to high light a hard drive and then go to the manage (highlighted green) icon at the top of the file explorer window.

Choose the ‘Optimize‘ icon. Then the application will open.

Another way is to right click on the hard drive icon and select properties.

Then select tool from the tab menu, Then choose the optimize option.

Thank You!