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Virus Removal Help and Prevention

Does your computer constantly reboot, freeze, or not start up at all?

It could be that your computer is infected with a virus. If you are suffering from this then you may have become a victim of malware. CBIT Computers Campbelltown recommend and suggest that you always keep updated anti-virus software installed on your system.

What is computer virus?

Computer viruses are pieces of code which are capable of copying/duplicating itself.

Furthermore it can cause issues, such as corrupting the operating system or destroying data on the hard drive plus other connected peripherals and devices.

These malicious programs hide and work their way through your computer. Until they are ready to unleash their damaging payload.

What can it do to your system?

A virus will infect the operating system and stop it from functioning properly.

Sometimes they will make your computer seem like it is not working at all.

CBIT Computers can remove most viruses and malware from your system or network and restore your computer, system or devices back to it’s original state.

If the system is to corrupted, it is recommended to do a clean reformat and install your operating system again.

Need help removing computer viruses?

If you need help removing viruses from your computer or servers. Maybe unsure about which software to install.
Need help on how to configure anti-virus software? Then contact CBIT Computers for a system and network security consultation and service.

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