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How to Maintain Your Laptop for Good Performance

When you initially get yourself a laptop computer everything feels smooth and speedy. Opening and using files or folders takes undetectable amounts of your time. While starting your laptop is super-fast. Then over time, it seems the laptop slows down as you discover yourself watching for tasks to end. It doesn’t need to be like this, though.

With a small degree of even handed management of your laptop computer you’ll keep it running as quickly and smooth as the day you purchased it. Furthermore you don’t have to be worried about to putting in place a lot of effort to increase the performance of your laptop computer. Regardless of what you undertake it’s quite simple.

Uninstall Unwanted Applications and Programs

One of the tasks that you just ought to perform with some regularity is clearing out the previous software packages that you just do not use anymore. The Laptops these come with all kinds of free software packages pre-installed. These are often called “Bloatware” in Tech terms.

Note: You’ll notice a number of these applications very helpful or fun, however if you don’t use them then you ought to get around to uninstalling them to recover room on the hard disk.

How to Uninstall Apps on Windows 7, 8, 10 Computers

Uninstalling unwanted applications is absolutely straightforward and there’s no excuse for you to not to undergo and trash all those bits and bytes of system software you’ve barely used. In “Windows 7” visit the control panel then to Programs and Features; in “Windows 8”, head to Control Panel, then to Programs/Uninstall a program. The same procedure can be utilised for Windows 10.

Then after some seconds all the applications on your PC will be visible. All you’ve got to initiate to remove the software package is to click on the program to Uninstall. Then Windows can warn you if you’re certain that you wish to get rid of a program. So all you have to do is acknowledge by clicking on “Yes”. Then after a number of moments all traces of the program/application should be cleaned from your laptop forever.

However many applications still leave traces of themselves throughout your PC. These can be hard to find unless you know where to look and manually delete them.

Be Careful of What Programs You install on Your Laptop

You should even be very watchful while you are installing applications and software too. Several of these applications that you receive from the web will attempt to trick you into installing tool bars and different things during the installation process. These tool bars simply serve to hamper your laptop, and particularly your internet web browsing.

Note: Therefore you ought to read every screen rigorously while you are downloading and installing these third-party applications.

In addition if you’ve unwittingly downloaded a toolbar. Then you’ll be able to simply switch it off in the internet web browser tool bars or add-ons settings. That come with most Web Browser. Head to Tools > Manage Add-ons. Here you’ll see all the extras that it is using.

Then you’ll be able to disable them to prevent them slowing your browser down.

Disable Unwanted Startup Programs

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If your laptop takes ages to start up or feels sluggish once you initially start to use it. Then you should have a look at the start-up items listed. As the name suggests Start-up items will be loaded during initial boot of your laptop. In theory, makes it faster to retrieve open programs and processes.

If you have got too many of these open. Then this can simply slow your laptop / Notebook down to a mere crawl. Any computer for that matter.

Disabling Start Up Items Windows 7 or 8 Laptops

Also there are a couple of ways that you can decide in which of the “Start-up” items are loaded are needed. You first, check the applications preferences to determine if it offers you the option to boot at start-up or not. If it has, then disable it then and there.

The second is visit the Start button (in Windows 7) or the Charms bar (in Windows 8) and type “msconfig” into the search bar and press Enter. This will open the Microsoft System Configuration window.

Once you’re in here click on the Start-up tab. Then in here you’ll be able to go through the list of applications and choose what to disable off or on. Furthermore if you actually wish to make things quicker merely click the Disable all button.

Disabling Start Up Programs Windows 10 Laptops

Windows 10 has a different process where you can disable start-up items in the “Task Manager”. Then right click on the task bar and select “Task manager” in the pop up menu. There is a tab option that will give you a list of the programs that have started with your Windows machine. All you have to do is select the disable option that is next to the programs name.

Sometimes you will have to restart your computer before they have actually been disabled. If all goes well your laptop should start and respond much faster and smoother.

Delete Excess Logs From Your Computer

The more frequent you utilize your computer it generates additional assorted log files. Such as temporary items and crash reports will fill your disk drive. These files in themselves will be quite insignificant in size at times. But however some can be quite large and may eat up hefty chunks of your drives space.

To navigate through and delete many of these manually would be a tedious job. However there’s a tool in Windows which will assist you dump all of these redundant logs and reclaim that lost disk space.

How to Delete Log Files

To achieve this navigate to begin > All Programs > System Tools then click on “Disk Cleanup”. After a brief scan of the “Disk Cleanup” application. It will then allow you to recognize specifically what quantity of space you’ll be able to reclaim.

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Keeping Your Laptop Up to Date

You should continuously keep your Windows laptop as up-to-date as much as you can. Microsoft is always frequently updating Windows to ensure that it’s safe and secure for the user. When you update the system you’ll be keeping on top of system updates. As time goes by more updates will be added by Microsoft for Windows and many other applications on your system.

Why Should I Update My Computer?

By not having regular updating process in place can cause downloading and installing quite an amount of time. Also less time being able to use your PC. Also more data and bandwidth usage. If you don’t like to do manual Window Updates then you ought to have your laptop setup and install updates automatically. Which this is the case in Windows 10 unless you manually disable updates.

Setting Windows Automatic Updates on Your Laptop

To ensure this can be the case you need to navigate to control panel. Then Windows Update – once you’re there click on change settings and check that Install updates automatically (recommended) is chosen which they’re set to install on a daily basis at a time that your laptop is connected by the power cord up.

In this manner you’ll continuously know that your laptop is running the recent latest version of Windows. This method can be used in all versions Windows excluding Windows 10.

Installing Anti Spyware and Anti Virus on Your PC

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Finally, you must continually have some sort of anti-virus software package actively scanning and protecting your computer from the Spyware, Trojans and Viruses. It’s unlikely you’ll be affected if you keep your system updated and are watchful, however that further line of defence can almost guarantee your PC’s safety. There are many free and bought services providing a variety of choices.

Take a good look around for the one that suits you and ensure you install it as soon as you’ll be able to.

Final Advice for Your New or Replacement Laptop

Looking after a replacement laptop computer and keeping it in prime condition isn’t that a big task and in many cases the work is completed fully automatically within the background. With simply a number of checks done frequently you will be able to ensure that your laptop is often at in the best condition.

In addition keeping you safe from viruses and different laptop issues. Whereas additionally ensuring that your laptop computer is running as quick and smooth as it can.

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