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Find What You Need With Your Search

You may be asking, what is an Internet Search Engine?

Search engines are what user’s type into to look for certain items on the Internet. The main Internet Search Engines people use are Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are many others in different countries around the world. The search depends on what the user is looking for. It could be informational or a service a company provides.

Usually a person will type something containing a category or location. Example such as “computer repairs campelltown”. As well as for information like “how to change my car oil”.

Get More Accurate Internet Search Engine Results.

You can get varied results depending what you type into the search bar. To get the most out of your searches you can try 2 different approaches. When searching for “computer repairs” without quotes it will give you results with “computer” and “repairs” anywhere it finds on the web page.

If you try searching with “computer repairs” with quotes it will return searches with “computer” and “repairs” that are written in phrases next to each other.

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Not All Search Engines Are the Same

All search engines around the world use different algorithms to list their results or SERP

SERP is an acronym for Search Engine Results Page. Some websites may list number #1 on Bing or quite lower on others. They may not even show up on Google or Yahoo. Also Yahoo Australia is supposed to filter results from Google. Where as in the USA, Yahoo derives its results from Bing.

Web Browsers Can Have Different Results

What is a Web Browser?

Most people use and know what “Internet Explorer” is. This is a Web browser. These are used to look at websites and other resources on the internet. Most popular computers come with Internet Explorer. There are many others. Such as Google Chrome which comes with many mobile phones and tablets these days.

These Web browsers can also display different results at times. Depending on the location and security settings. Be sure to check what options you have enabled or maybe not have turned on. Such as your location, as this can determine the search results returned. Remember to clean out your browsers history.

Alternative Web Browsers

As many people know you cannot use Internet Explorer on many Tablets and Mobile phones. Which they seem to crash quite a bit. As well as have some problems when it comes to on-line applications and social media.

The following listed browsers are available on your PC Desktop and Laptop computers;

Also on many mobile devices. They are a lot more secure and bug free than Internet Explorer or even the new Edge browser. I recommend giving them a go. They are all free.