Welcome to Our TECH TIPS Guide to Windows Disk Cleanup

There are numerous ways to get to Disk Cleanup in Windows. This application is useful for cleaning junk and unnecessary files form your computer system.

This ensures faster response and operating time. Below are two guides, one from our YouTube channel and a step by step guide with descriptions and images. We hope you find these enjoyable and helpful. Thank you!

Disk Cleanup Video Tech Guide

Our Step by Step Guide with Images

Go to the Windows Start Menu, then Type ‘Disk Cleanup’.

disk cleanup

Then you will need to Select the Disk Cleanup Icon located in the search window.

You can also select what items you want to clean from the checklist menu.

Disk Cleanup will estimate how much space will be recovered from your computer system.

Now Select Clean Up System Files button.


Disk Cleanup is now calculating how much space will be recovered.

The More options tab contain links to other utilities that you can free up space.


Make sure you Hit OK and then YES to Delete Files.

This action will delete all your unnecessary system files from your PC.

Another way to open Disk Cleanup is to go to File Explorer


Go to the Access menu on the left side of the Explorer Window and select THIS PC.

Then, Highlight the main disk drive. Just click on it once.


Go to the MANAGE tab highlighted green, at the top left of the explorer window and select.

Click on the Disk Cleanup icon. Your done!

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