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Computer File Archive Backups

Why use a file archive compression tool?

Using a compressed file format enables you to store files at a smaller size. You can download and send files faster. This also makes them more secure. You can set passwords and encrypt the archive. They are less prone to errors and damage.

This makes a great backup option. This is recommended for all your valuable documents and files.

What files can be archived?

Just about any file can be compressed and archived. Including basically any format. Such as music, photos, movies, work files any file really. With compression they do not take up as much room on your storage device. You will always have a clean backup ready to go.

If anything happens to the file you are using. Then you can just extract a new one with no damage.

What file archive tools are available?

There are many archive tools available such as 7zip, Winzip and WinRar. 7zip is a great free archiving application. It compresses and decompresses basically every archiving format there is. best of all it’s free.

It is available on all platforms. Windows, Mac and Linux computer operating systems. You can even download it for the Commodore Amiga. It is a very compatible application. I highly recommend 7zip. If you’re after a great way to store and backup your files. Then file archiving software is a great place to start.

Download 7zip for all platforms here:

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