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What is Electrostatic Discharge?

ESD or Electrostatic Discharge is the flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact. Creating static electricity, Electricity that does not move. The actual static electricity isn’t dangerous to electronics, the discharge is. Computer components are sensitive to static electricity due to the high silicone content.

Controlling or Limiting  ESD

Relative humidity over 60% helps control ESD. It will not prevent all possible situations involving ESD. Holding or Touching the exposed metal chassis before touching a component will earth you from ESD. It is advised to unplug the power cord. Never try and touch your components directly.

Recommended Tools for Preventing ESD

Anti Static Mat, Wristband and Bags

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It is highly advised to use an ‘Anti Static Mat‘ or ‘Wristband‘ when working on computers and electronic components. Furthermore for storage purposes ‘Anti Static Bags‘ are highly recommended for Motherboards, RAM, HDD’s, Video Cards and other exposed hardware and components.