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What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is used to name a site.

It could be a web server, website name or an on-site network location such as an internal LAN network location. Domain names have an Internet Protocol address assigned or more.

These are primarily used for communication between computers, servers over the internet and Local Area Network (LAN). A route to and from the host or network interface.

Additionally the domain name is more for the user as it’s easier to associate and remember, as the IP address is numeric value. ie.

Furtehrmore There are 2 types of IP address IPV4 and IPV6. IPV6 was created as the world was running out of IP addresses. So it was decided to make a new version that had a longer string of values and characters.

Why Do I need One?

Domain names are your identification on the Web. Usually a business /orginisation name or Any other individual really.

If you want to have an Internet presence you need a domain name.

I do not recommend free domain names. Some are good for testing if you don’t want to buy one or make a sub-domain.

Having your own domain, site and email address will give you and your venture a more recognizable and professional look.

Note: Domain names are not the same as your web hosting. Just because you have a domain name, does not mean you have web hosting.

You can get both at the same time from any decent web hosting company.

Types of Domains

There are many types and variations of Domain Names.

Primary Domain: Such as “”

Sub Domain: e.g. “”

Suffixes: .com, .net, .biz, .info etc.

Many of these suffixes represent what country and type of website or domain it is or from. .biz (business) .au (Australia) .nz (New Zealand).

You also usually have the choice of what prefix you would like. In Australia you will need an ‘ABN‘ for ‘‘ / ‘‘ pre-fixes.

Other pre-fixes such as ‘.com‘ and ‘.net‘ do not require an ‘ABN‘ number in Australia.

You will need to be registered with a registrar for your name.

Usually starting at 1 year. For ‘‘ and ‘‘ go for 2 years.

Hope this was helpful, Thank You.

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