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How to Disable Windows Automatic Updates in Microsoft Windows 10

Unlike previous versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. In Windows 10 there is no options for choosing when you want to update. Also no option to select what updates you want to install.

The automatic updates process can take a long time depending how many there are available to download. Which can be quite frustrating, inconvenient and use a fair amount of bandwidth at times. Slowing down your work or other activities you would like to perform on you computer system.

While there is a way to disable the updates. You must also reverse the process to re-enable when you would like to update. The following procedure is for disabling all Windows 10 updates on your computer desktop, laptop / notebook and any other device running Windows 10.

UPDATED! Video Tutorial From Our YouTube Channel

Extremely very simple updated and recommended guide to disable Windows 10 updates. 

Follow These Easy Steps to Disable Automatic Updates

(This still works but, A bit outdated and a longer process. It will be updated soon. Please enjoy our YouTube video for a more faster and updated process).


Step1. Right Click on Windows “Start menu” icon, use the “run command”. Type “services.msc” and press enter. This will open Services without going into Control panel.

Step2. Control Panel Method.

Step2. Control Panel Method. Open Control Panel, Select “Administrative services“.

select services windows control panel

Step3. Select “Services” in the Administrative Tools menu.

select windows updates

Step4. Select “Windows Update” near the bottom of the services list. Right click and choose “properties“.

Step5. Choose start up type, choose disabled. Then click OK and close Services.

Step5. Choose “start up type“, choose “disabled”. Then click OK and close Services. Restart machine if required.

To Turn Windows Updates Back On

To re-enable Windows updates just follow the same process. Instead of selecting start up type disable, you select “manual” or “automatic”. While manual will not automatically download updates. It will start updating as soon as you select update windows in settings.

Once you select manual, there is no way to stop updating once this has been started. Furthermore the Automatic Updates option will download anytime on you computer. Even if you choose to run Windows 10 Updates or not.

Note: The above method will work in just about every version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System. Group Policy may need to be applied to large networking environments. This method is great for several computers. It is not an efficient solution for dozens of systems throughout a large company network.

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