Desktop Computer Power Supply

Desktop Computer Power Supply

Posted by admin on September 26, 2019 in Computer Hardware

The Computer Power Supply

The desktop computer power supply. During my many years of computer repairs people tend to forget this invaluable piece of hardware. This is one of the most crucial parts inside your computer. It determines on how much power your system components receive. To be able to function smooth and efficiently.

Without power nothing in your computer works. The below information should help people in determining what they need for their computer system needs.

The PSU or Power Supply Unit

The power supply inside your computer is called a PSU or “power supply unit”. It is usually a rectangular or square shaped box. The primary purpose is to convert standard AC power to DC power which the computer uses.

The PSU will have many cables that are connected to it. Some more than others and depending on the model and make.

The cables have connectors on the ends in various form. They supply different power voltages to the different components inside your computer.

The PSU main connection plugs into the motherboard. These can vary depending on the motherboard and power supply. Some motherboards require different amounts of pins connected.

Usually modern PSU’s will have a split connection.

This allows you to pull the main connector apart in two. This will depend on the size of the plug on the motherboard.

Computer Power Supply Size

Depending on what type of computer system you have will determine your needs. Desktop PC Power Supply Units fit the ATX factor. There are a different range of power wattages to choose from.

They start at about 300W and can go above 1000W PSU. For the average modern computer system that contains about one or two hard drives.

A CD/DVD drive, dual core CPU, and a basic graphics card. It would need around a 500W Power Supply to run stable and efficient.

Adding More Hardware to Your Computer

If you are planning to upgrade or add more hardware. I would plan on getting a PSU that can handle the extra hardware. When you add more hardware to your computer system this will use more power. It will put more strain on your PSU. In turn it will try and draw more power to supply your computer system.

This can cause instability and also can cause your power supply to burn out and stop working.

Depending on the wattage of the power supply can also determine what cables and how many will come with it. This will be a factor when adding more hardware.

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What Power Supply Do I Need?

The average modern computer system is advised to use at least a 600 or 700 watt PSU

This will ensure your system will run smooth and not put as much strain on your PSU. It should provide adequate cabling for your computer hardware.

High end powerful gaming computer systems that use dual graphics cards. Also a lot of cooling hardware such as multiple large fans and a very high end CPU. These machines require a lot more power.

It is recommended to have a power supply that uses 1000W or more.

Need Help With Your Power Supply?

CBIT Computers in Campbelltown can help you with computer repairs or hardware upgrades. If you need a new power supply installed. Then we can help you. Power Supply installation can be a difficult task for some people.

This procedure should only be done if you know how. It requires all cables connected to you motherboard removed. System components such as hard drives, DVD drives be unplugged and then re-connected.

Note: You must be very careful not to damage your valuable computer components with static electricity. You may not even know if this occurs. Once put back together your computer may not work the same. Due to static electric discharge damage.

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