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Electrostatic Discharge or ESD

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What is Electrostatic Discharge?
ESD or Electrostatic Discharge is the flow of electricity between two electrically charged objects caused by contact. Creating static electricity, Electricity that does not move. The actual static electricity isn’t dangerous to electronics, the discharge is. Computer components are sensitive to static electricity due to the high silicone content.
Controlling or Limiting  […]

Windows Vista PC Repair Camden

Windows Vista PC repair Camden NSW 2570 via our pick up and drop off service. Operating System had boot issues, Network and Internet connection problems. It was not connecting to local network computers or to the internet.

Cleaned inside the case and then repaired the boot partition. Ran Windows Vista and checked the connectivity to […]

Computer Repair Harrington Park

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Acer pick up and drop off residential computer repair. PC system full recovery needed using OEM utilities and CMD for boot repair functionality in Harrington Park NSW.

Acer Computer Backup & Recovery

Recovering Your Acer PC
In my computer repairs experience with Acer Laptop and Desktop PC’s there is sometimes a problem with the “Hard Drive Partition” Recovery option. Using the “ALT+F10” command recover option does not work. Also the standard windows repair options will not solve this problem most of the time either. If it does great you should have no […]