What is FTTN NBN & VDSL Routers?

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Fiber To The Node Connection
This is for people that may not know they will need a VDSL modem router for their FTTN NBN connection. There are various different ways NBN fiber is connected to your home or business. FTTN (Fiber to the Node) require VDSL+ modems for use with NBN connections.

Unlike premises that can […]

NIC Teaming IT Networking

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Network Interface Cards
NIC stands for Network Interface Cards
You will find that most computer motherboards come with a network card built in. They usually have one Ethernet port to provide network and Internet connectivity. The speed will vary depending on the age and model of the board.

Most standard home PC motherboards will have one 100 […]

IP Camera Setup Campbelltown

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IP Cameras & Network Setup
CBIT Computers Campbelltown can help setup your home or business camera security needs. IP cameras and setup for your peace of mind. This includes local area network and Internet access surveillance.
IP Cameras Configurations & Network Devices
Many networking configurations are available. NVR (Network Video Recording), Computer Recording + Monitoring, Wireless Wi […]

Domain Names

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What is a Domain Name?
A domain name is used to name a site.
It could be a web server, website name or an on-site network location such as an internal LAN network location. Domain names have an Internet Protocol address assigned or more.

These are primarily used for communication between computers, servers over the internet and […]