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Computer System RAM

This is a brief introduction to RAM on your computer and devices

Also known as main memory, primary memory, or system memory. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a hardware device. RAM enables information to be kept and retrieved on a computer system. Many modern devices use RAM these days. Such as your desktop PC, laptop/notebook computer, Tablet and Mobile phone.

RAM is usually related to DRAM, which is a form of memory module. Because data is accessed arbitrarily instead of consecutive how it is on a CD or HDD, the computer will access the information a lot of quicker.

However, unlike read-only memory or the hard drive, RAM is a volatile memory and requires power to allow the information accessible. If the computer is turned off, all data contained in RAM is lost.

Note: A lot of users often confuse RAM with Storage devices. Some storage device examples are hard drives and SSD drives. RAM and Storage memory both have a different function inside your computer.

USB drives can be attached to the computer and used as a form of RAM. But is not really recommended. They do not work as stable and fast. Due to the fact USB ports do not have the power and high enough frequency. To transmit data at the high speed needed.

Types of Computer RAM

Over the decades of computer history there have been many types of RAM. Some common examples are DIMM, RIMM, SIMM, SO-DIMM, and SOO-RIMM. DIMM memory module, a typical piece of RAM found in desktop and laptop computers. This memory module would be installed into one of the memory slots on a motherboard.

Need Help With Your Computer Memory?

If you are having trouble with your computer system. Instances such as freezing, crashing or running very slow. It may be due to faulty or not enough RAM. Faulty RAM will cause your computer to crash, freeze and cause errors. Also with not enough memory your computer can become very slow and a lot of the times crash and restart.

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