Computer Safety Tips

Computer Safety Tips

Posted by admin on September 25, 2019 in Tutorials & Tips

Computer Power Sources; Warning!

Electricity is Dangerous, Remove All Connected Power Sources Before Working…
It is wise to never touch or open ‘Anything‘ if you aren’t sure if it is safe. It is better to replace the entire PSU / power supply unit, instead to attempt a repair of internal components. High voltage items include; Power supplies, displays / monitors, laser printers.

Electronic Equipment Grounding

Most computer and electronic products connect to ground and divert electrical faults away from people. This also includes equipment racks. Never remove any grounding connections, they are there to protect you from electrocution.

Your Personal Safety and Care

Your personal well being and safety is of up-most importance at home or in the work place. Some basic tips for personal items and emergency disaster tools.
  • Remove Loose Jewelry; this includes items such as rings, neck laces, bracelets , even name badges and neck straps / lanyards.
  • Proper Lifting Techniques; Lift with your legs, keep your back straight and Do not carry overweight items.
  • Electrical Hazards Fire Safety; It is very important not to use water or foam. The proper correct substance to use is carbon dioxide, FM 200, or other dry chemicals in extinguishers.
  • Displays and Monitors; Always Remove the power source before doing any maintenance. Capacitors hold high voltage, Do not open unless you are trained.
  • Cable Tidiness / Management; Always avoid trip hazards and frayed bent cables. It is advised to use cable ties or velcro straps.

Local Government Safety Regulations

In all parts of the world there are safety regulations governing safety practices. Please consult with your Health and safety laws. Stay up to date and keep the workplace as hazard free as possible. Implement items such as; Building codes, Fire prevention, Electrical codes, Environmental regulation, and High tech waste disposal of goods.

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