Acer PC backup and recovery disks

Recovering Your Acer PC

In my computer repairs experience with Acer Laptop and Desktop PC’s there is sometimes a problem with the “Hard Drive Partition” Recovery option. Using the “ALT+F10” command recover option does not work. Also the standard windows repair options will not solve this problem most of the time either. If it does great you should have no problem restoring your PC.

This is for people that might not know there is such an option on your system. Which I have come across a few customers that do not know about these features on their Acer System.

In addition these so called third party recovery disks and programs will not solve it correctly either. Furthermore not the way it was designed originally by Acer for it’s OEM version. Which came with your computer originally when you purchased it. You may be able to restore Windows to some extent. Maybe just enough to create a recovery disk or USB.

Create Computer Back Up Disks

If you did manage to get back into Windows, make a backup immediately. Unless you have purchased a new Windows version and have all the drivers for your Acer system. Then you really need to make “Back Up Disks” for your computer.

You will need around 3x DVD disks. If your PC system has no optical drive. Then a 16gb USB drive can be used instead.

There should be an application on your PC that came with your Acer computer. Which allows you to create a Restoration Disk or USB. It is called eRecovery Management. Also I recommend doing this regularly to make sure the previous backups are not corrupt or degraded.

In addition there are several videos on YouTube that also help with this topic. Many of these videos are from Acer Customer Support.

How to create Backup Disk from Acer Customer Support

To create your backup recovery disks follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Start menu and click All Programs.
  2. In the program list click the Acer folder, then click the Acer Recovery Management icon.
  3. Windows User Account Control may ask for your permission to run this program, click Yes.
  4. From the Acer eRecovery Management window on the left click Backup, then click Create Factory Default Disc.

Note: If you are using a laptop, notebook or netbook you will be prompted to plug in your AC adapter, make sure the AC adapter is plugged in before proceeding and click OK.

  1. From the Create Factory Default Disc page select the drive you want to use for burning the recovery media, then click Start.
  2. The disc will be ejected whenever it has completed burning, if multiple discs are required insert a new disc when prompted and click OK.
  3. The other option available is Create Drivers and Applications Disc. You can use this to create a backup disc to install specific drivers and applications without wiping out the entire operating system.

To create a Drivers and Applications Disc follow the below steps:

  1. Click Create Drivers and Applications Disc.
  2. From the Create Drivers and Applications Disc page select the drive you want to use for burning the recovery media, then click Start.
  3. The disc will be ejected whenever it has completed burning.

Note: If the computer does not have an internal optical drive, an external optical drive will be required to create a set of Acer Recovery media.

If You Can’t Get Back Into Windows

If your system becomes corrupted and you can’t get back into Windows to create recovery disks. A lot of times the recovery partition might be deleted or corrupt. Then you will have to buy a new Windows key or Disk from Microsoft. In addition recovery disks can be ordered from Acer.

Sometimes there is cost involved. Also this will Depend on the Warranty. Most of all these take some time to be delivered. Furthermore you will need to seek professional help in recovering your important data. If no recovery disks can be obtained.