Free Computer Virus Protection

AVG Free and Google Chrome Install support guide

Welcome to the Tech Tips Computer Support Guide, to locating and installing AVG Free for the protection against malware on your system. Optional installation of Google Chrome with AVG setup package.

This information is helpful for people needing or looking for a basic security solution for their PC and devices. It is always better to have some protection from online threats and damaging programs that may crash or steal your information.

There are many versions of trials and free software for security on your PC.

The best thing is to do some research and try each product. Security applications can be performance draining on your system and cause conflicts with certain programs and even the operating system it’s self. Trial and error could be the key, for finding just the right software for your needs and also system compatibility.

It also comes with the Google Chrome Web browser. Handy if you only have the default OS browser. The Chrome browser offers additional features and functionality that the standard Windows based browsers do not have.

AVG FREE: AVG FREE antivirus download (sept. 2017).

Full Video Demonstration Guide Available

You can watch the video, for a full demonstration of the AVG Free antivirus and google chrome Installation.

Also available to watch and download on our YouTube channel: Installation Guide YouTube