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Desktop Computer Power Supply

The Computer Power Supply
The desktop computer power supply. During my many years of computer repairs people tend to forget this invaluable piece of hardware. This is one of the most crucial parts inside your computer. It determines on how much power your system components receive. To be able to function smooth and efficiently.

Without power […]

Internet Search Engine Tips

Find What You Need With Your Search
You may be asking, what is an Internet Search Engine?
Search engines are what user’s type into to look for certain items on the Internet. The main Internet Search Engines people use are Google, Bing and Yahoo. There are many others in different countries around the world. The […]

What is Computer Memory (RAM)?

Computer System RAM
This is a brief introduction to RAM on your computer and devices
Also known as main memory, primary memory, or system memory. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a hardware device. RAM enables information to be kept and retrieved on a computer system. Many modern devices use RAM these days. Such as your desktop […]

Speed Up Your Windows Computer

Make Your Computer Faster
Over time your computer seems to get slower and slower. There are several steps you can take to make your Windows PC run faster. The following steps are highly recommended. They will make sure your computer system runs smooth and efficient.

I use CCleaner before I start any computer repairs to speed […]

Windows Device Manager

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See What Devices Are Installed On Your Computer
View Installed Hardware on Windows Computers
Device Manager is a great tool that comes with the Windows Operating system on your computer. It is a much needed resource when carrying out computer repairs and troubleshooting.

Some of the features are as follows;

Shows you problem hardware.
Shows installed hardware.